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Jacuzzi pool on a boat? Why not!

Did you know that all the Jacuzzi pools can be installed into all types of boats?  This certainly requires an initial decision for additional pleasure or a decision about a new business undertaking so that your boat could have additional luxury, better service and finally, a more favourable profit.

However, a few words about the Jacuzzi brand are necessary. Over the years the name Jacuzzi has become synonymous with all kinds of hydro-massage pools and tubs, just like Lada Niva is sometimes referred to as a Jeep, and not as an off-road car. Jacuzzi is a brand name, that is, an American corporation with one of its factories in Italy and it is in these two countries that its products are entirely made. Jacuzzi has been present on the Croatian market for more than 20 years with an excellent servicing network provided by the Aqua pool company and a sales network provided by Aqua spa. The mentioned companies have already had experience with a few boats on the Adriatic.

Let’s start from the beginning. The first question asked by a reader after reading the first sentence of this article would be: ”How much space is needed for a Jacuzzi pool?” Fine, fine! The first question is usually: “How much does it cost?”. But do not worry; everybody wants to have as much information as possible so we can reveal to you that the prices range from 70.000 to 150.000 kuna, depending on the purpose of the product and not its quality. Most customers are satisfied by this high quality group of cheaper variations.

Only 2.4 m2 is needed to install a Jacuzzi pool on a boat, the smallest Jacuzzi pool for two to three persons is 150x160 cm. There are also pools intended for hotels that need more space, but require big boats and frequent use of more people.

Jacuzzi pools can be installed into one of the surfaces or can be fixed self-standing. They can be coated with one of the original wooden or plastic coatings, but other individual solutions are possible based on the client’s wish, for example a teak coating.

The original Jacuzzi pools are characterized by low energy consumption and water as well that can last one entire season with one filling supported by special ways of filtering and proper maintenance.

Just to forestall some of our readers. Sea water cannot be used in operating Jacuzzi products. There are three variations of electric supply in accordance with the models (380/415V 3F+N, 220/240V F+N, 220/240V 3F) that enable a normal connection to the boat’s electric installations.

It should be stresses that the Jacuzzi pools are suitable for outdoor installation, that is on decks and are a small load for the coating surface per square metre, endure salt and sun and have a two-year warranty.

The pools are fixed to the surface with their own holders and/or additional wooden or metal cross section. The bad news is that the Jacuzzi pools are not used during navigation, with the exception of bigger boats. The good news is that each Jacuzzi pools comes with the original thermo-insulating cover with hooks which protects from algae, bacteria and polluted water and is handy during rough seas, preventing the overflow of water. The thermo-insulating cover is not ordered separately and is included in the total price of the Jacuzzi product.

Finally, it should be emphasized that each Jacuzzi product is completely adjusted with all the EU norms that concern shipbuilding. Modifications, needed to comply with certain security norms at sea required by certain countries, can be made without any problems. Basically, the only modification refers to the instalment of the system for quick water discharge, the most often specified time for water discharge being 180 seconds.

Now that you have the information, think about your wishes, possibilities and business needs. For all other additional information, please be free to contact us.