Sasha sauna

Sasha sauna

We present you a completely new masterpiece of home wellness designed by Alberto Apostoli. Inspired by a desire to evoke the deepest sensations, stressing sensuality, enjoyment and relaxation, with its experience Jacuzzi again pushes the limits of wellness.

Sasha is a unique concept of private home wellness, covering the area of only four square metres. Sasha encompasses all the existing kinds of spa programmes, offering in a single space, the enjoyment of sauna, hydro-massage shower and steam bath. It is a concept of modern design and ideal dimensions that fits into any surrounding at the same time becoming a great piece of stylish furniture fully complementing the interior of your home. With Sasha the human body enters a temple that purifies and regenerates, relaxes and calms arousing all the senses.

Sasha has been made of the most sophisticated material creating, together with a sensual aroma and chromotherapy and the sound of music, a full ambient experience arousing your somnolent sensuality. Wood, glass, steel, colours and texture perfectly fit every home and offer warm feeling, comfort, naturalness and positive energy.

Sasha’s concept is based on three separate segments each of which sustains three different functioning programmes. The first segment is the sauna. Three relaxing programmes will enable you to enjoy the Roman, Finnish and bio sauna and each programme is accompanied by a special illumination creating pleasure with chromotherapy. The second segment refers to the shower cabin also called “emotional shower” by the manufacturer. The water play can offer your body three programmes – cold steam, i.e. light fog which gives the feeling of velvet cooling, drizzle on your body and tropical rain with a hydro-massage effect. The third segment is the steam bath or “Hammam” which purifies the body leaving it stronger, healthier and more relaxed. The three programmes of the steam bath are tepadarium, hammam and calidarium. For a complete Sasha sensation turn on your Mp3 or Mp4 player and the most beautiful relaxing moments are about to begin.

It should be mentioned that each of the segments can exist independently, i.e. each of the segments can be ordered in any combination with another segment or with the two remaining ones. Sasha can be delivered in ten different configurations in order to adjust to any space.

Sacha is a combination of top design, quality material and modern technology with the highest standards and many years of uncontested experience of Jacuzzi Company. That is why Sasha represents the most attractive composition of home wellness on the world-scale.

Nothing like Sasha existed before!




Biosauna Cold shower Tiepidarium
Roman sauna Thin rain Hammam
Finnish sauna Tropical shower Calidarium