Jacuzzi not only makes products, but also creates experiences, opens new horizons and makes life better!

Jacuzzi is considered to be the leader on the market of luxurious and technically advanced products for bathrooms, wellness and spas. The story begins back in 1965 when Jacuzzi made its first hydrotherapy bathtub, a brilliant and innovative product that soon became a daily healthy habit of millions around the world. Since then the brand Jacuzzi, with its more than 300 patents and a complete pallet of products, gives the best water and wellness can offer.

Jacuzzi simply offers an experience that is the basis of a new lifestyle! With Jacuzzi, the boon becomes a reality one should experience in true colours and personally, in the most intimate corner of one’s personal space. Only when boon becomes reality, the experience reaches its perfect dimension.

Over the years Jacuzzi has continuously developed its pallet of products and has made hundreds of models of bathtubs, showers and pools, implemented with numerous innovations like different types of hydro-massages and saunas, aroma and chromotherapies and modern technologies such as remote controls, HI-FI stereos, CD and USB drives and phones. Lately, Jacuzzi has been developing innovative products like Sasha saunas, complete sanitary equipment and faucets as well as a wide range of cosmetic products for pleasure, beauty, hygiene and aromatherapy.


Jacuzzi pools offer a feeling of pleasure that exceeds all borders and offer a whole range of unique experiences which you can have anywhere and anytime.

Each Jacuzzi bathtub is a masterpiece of glamorous design and perfect ergonomics. For the whole body to be submerged, and the body position to be more regular and circulation more effective, Jacuzzi bathtub is deeper than the regular tub.

We present you a completely new masterpiece of home wellness designed by Alberto Apostoli. Inspired by a desire to evoke the deepest sensations, stressing sensuality, enjoyment and relaxation, with its experience Jacuzzi again pushes the limits of wellness.


The bathroom has changed! It has become living space that reflects a lifestyle and is no longer an extra room, but is becoming the heart of a flat or a house.

A large number of cosmetic products designed for comfort, beauty, hygiene and aroma therapy.