NEW! „Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel“

NEW! „Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel“

Entering into a partnership with Jacuzzi is a guarantee of success, a great opportunity to increase your business. Jacuzzi brands have 60 years of heritage in relaxation and rejuvenation. Users of Jacuzzi product are able to feel a sense of wellbeing and in many cases a feeling of recovery from any aches, stresses and strains that they may pick up in daily life.

There are over 1 million google searches a month for hotel with Jacuzzi or spa and 70% of online bookings are made on page one. Therefore, Jacuzzi is the most searched word on the Internet by people looking for a hotel and/or wellness center. Jacuzzi is the first brand in a search enginess and wellness is the first word associated with Jacuzzi.

You could join a network of validated and supported hotels that now officially carry the Jacuzzi brand and also leverage online presence. A hotel that features Jacuzzi product and references Jacuzzi brand can rise through the rankings online and achieve more direct bookings through their own websites. Also, where better for our clients to experience the product before they buy. Jacuzzi will actively promote hotels with genuine Jacuzzi products and offer a branded Wellness package that no other brand can own in the way that Jacuzzi do.

Have you considered that even the smallest aspects of Wellness in your hotel could maximise occupancy and increase guest satisfaction? Offer your clients outdoor hot tub even in winter and increase the seasonality of wellness tourism. „The Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel“ concept offers a strong and persuasive alternative to the big spa hotels. Jacuzzi create Wellness destinations, with credibility and strength, which deliver a unique and memorable guest experience.

Jacuzzi has created products perfect for professional and intensive use. Jacuzzi offers to hotels customisation options for every type of environment – frome the garden to the relaxation area, from hotel rooms, to the most exclusive suites.

In the end, if you choose Jacuzzi you will have the security of being able to count on efficient, precise and comprehensive after-salea service. Scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance services are guaranteed.

If you are a hotel looking to officially add the Jacuzzi brand contact us and find out how to put your hotel on the map! Be one of the first in Croatia!

If you're a guest trying to find a „Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel“ then please visit Jacuzzi hotel finder.